About Us

The Koobed minivan conversion kit was inspired by 30 years of camping, hiking, backpacking and, more recently, overlanding.

Koobed simply gives you the best of all worlds

After many years of camping, we came to the realization that there was no product on the market which allowed us to easily and comfortably sleep in our car. So we decided to create it.

Father and son joined forces with a designer to brainstorm, conceptualize and develop a product that would allow us to enjoy the outdoors and be comfortable (and dry) indoors!

After five prototypes, countless failures, and many criticisms from family and friends, we came up with the perfect solution: tthe Koobed minimalist minivan conversion kit.


Extensive testing…by the family dog, Abby.

Giving back to the community

To increase our impact in the community, we decided to team up with Cetal, a local non-profit organization that employs people living with functional limitations. These are skilled workers, but their disabilities sometimes makes it difficult for them to adapt to a standard work environment. 

Performance and profits are often seen as key elements to productivity. For Cetal, as for other socially economic enterprises; profitability alone is not their only objective. Indeed, Cetal’s first and most important challenge is to ensure their social contribution.


Sleep Wherever